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The International Elite Academy has been created to help international athletes transition to life in the United States of America. 


The 6-month program has been developed by NCAA Athletes for NCAA Athletes. The Elite Academy creates the ultimate atmosphere for international athletes to develop physically and mentally to the level required to recieve a college scholarship. 


The coaching staff and trainers at the Elite Academy have all succeded at the college and professional level and understand what it takes to be successful. 

  Living Excellence.


Academy athletes share a two bedroom apartment with three other athletes. 


This is to prepare the athletes for college life in the USA. Team mates need to adapt to living, training and studyng together.

1st JUL


Enrollment Opens

1st Dec


Athletes Check-In


Season Opener

12th Jan

World Class Facilities.

The International Elite Academy athletes train at the Dominique Wilkins Gym. 


Athletes spend a minmum of 6 hours training (4 hours on-court) per day;


Individual on-court practice in the morning


Weight room/pool or track in the afternoon 


Team practice on-court in the evening 


(one rest day per week) 

World Class Training. 


Training programs are developed on an individual basis. 


Testing takes place on the last friday of each month. 


Athletes will improve; Speed, Strength, Endurance & Power. 


(download athletic standards for more info)


Athletes are selected to attend the Elite Academy based on their potential to achieve a college scholarship. 


Due to the level of dedication required Free Time will be very minimal as Athletes are expected to rest between training sessions. 


There will be scheduled events and outings throughout each month. 



Academic Programs Available.

General Education Diploma (GED)

Required for International Athletes who have no completed High Shcool

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Required for college admission in the United States. 

English As A Second Language tutors 

Available as required

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