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Toheeb Sulaimon - Man On A Mission

Toheeb Sulaimon arrived at the International Elite Academy in December 2014. The coaching staff accepted his application after seeing a highlight video showing his athleticism and a good shooting ability. The Elite program is unlike any other college prep program or high school program in the USA as the players play against former NCAA division 1 players straight off the plane. "He was not a good basketball player" states Coach JB, "But, there was just something about him, he had that look in his eye".

"He put his heart and soul into every practice"

The coaching staff saw Toheeb work as hard as he could every single day. He became a leader on and off the court. Coach Oxley loved his committment and said "he put his heart and soul into every practice, lifting session, pool workout, scrimmage, game and even team meeting". The Elite program has been designed by players for players and the coaching staff empahsize player development, no more is this evident than with Toheeb.

"Coach JB came to me in April and said he had managed to get a college to take a chance on me and they were offering a full scholarship. I saw how much I had improved over the 6 months and I wanted more. I turned down the scholarship to come back for another year. When I go to college I want to make an impact, to do that I have to improve and there is simply no better place to be than the ELITE ACADEMY".

For Toheeb December cant come soon enough; "The Elite Academy is a special place, the coaches are also players .They don't only tell you what to do but they are out there 5 hours per day, everyday showing you. Then on weekends you get to play against Divison 1 players, I can't wait to get back"

The 2015/16 College Prep Program is from December 2015 until May 2016 and the Elite Academy only accepts 8 International players per year. For more information apply on the admissions page.

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