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"You are NOT good enough for the NCAA"

Coach Oxley was hired by the International Elite Academy to train the Summer Camp Players. Immediately, the Academy realized what they had found in Coach Oxley and he was hired as Associate Head Coach alongside Coach Barnes for all the Elite Programs.

"If you want to have fun in the USA then sign up to Camp America, if you want a scholarship apply to The International Elite Academy"

Together Oxley and Barnes have created the ultimate basketball program for International Athletes to get to the next level. We are successful because we are honest with players, Coach Oxley simply says "You are not good enough". Oxley believes players from his own country are lied to everyday about how good they are or what they can achieve.

Oxley Named 2015 Most Improved Player

Coach Oxley named 2015 UBA Most Improved Player

Ant Oxley was born and rasied in a small town in the North of England. He moved to America to follow his dream of playing in the NCAA. "I wasn't ready for college and I needed a program like the College Prep Program to prepare me mentally and physically for the NCAA"

"Elite is more than just a word and to us it means beating yourself every single day"

The International Elite Academy throws you in at the deep end. The Academy team train and play against NCAA Division I & II players and current professional basketball players everyday. This program is not for everyone and the International Elite Academy coaches make no apologies for that, "We have created a program for players like us".

The International Elite Academy doesn't care what awards you have in your own country or if you represented your national team. All that matters is how hard are you willing to work for 6 months and if you are willing to go from failure, to failure without becoming discouraged. "We have never had a player who is good enough to play in Division III when they arrive at the academy, nevermind Division I. However, by the end of pre-season training we know who has the mental toughness and dedication to make it in the USA" says Coach Oxley.

The Elite Academy only takes only 8 players per year in order to focus on each players development individually. The academy has found 8 to be an ideal number for practices to be competitve and to allow coaches to give individual time and attention to each player.

The College Prep Program is 6 months of practice and games for players over 18 years of age, who have completed their high school education and are ready for University. Academic study is minimum at the academy with only SAT prep, High School Diploma and English As A Second Language programs available.

"Unlike other academies we acknowlegde that this program is not for everyone, it is only for the Elite athletes who are looking to play in the NCAA. If you want to tour America then sign up to Camp America, if you want a scholarship come to The International Elite Academy".

The 2015/16 College Prep Program is already over subcribed. However, we still have places available for the 2016 Summer Experience and are already signing up players for the 2016/17 College Prep Program.

"I have still yet to meet a player who can outwork me but I look forward to finding them" Coach Oxley

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